The Wholehearted Joyous Podcast

Season 2 – Episode 3: Kate’s Parenting Journey

Season 2 - Episode 3: Kate's Parenting Journey

by Rachel Maietta & Sivanne Lieber | The Wholehearted Joyous Podcast

Originally Recorded: December 3, 2020

Kate’s first child was born healthy and followed all the usual stages of a child’s development, so her first phase of parenthood was more like a hippie mom, she didn’t care about milestones, her daughter walked when she wanted to walk and nursed when she wanted to nurse. A few years later her son was born and things were different this time around. The most handsome and sunshiney and joyful child was born, but also, he wasn’t hitting any milestones and at 3mo the doctors began to worry. As they moved through the journey of diagnosis, doctors and discovery, Kate’s parenting and approach began to change. But don’t take it from us, let’s listen to Kate and her story and hear about her incredible parenting journey as the mother of two very different kids with very different needs.