The Wholehearted Joyous Podcast

Season 2 – Episode 1: Christina and Zack’s Birthing Story

Season 2 - Episode 1: Christina and Zack's Birthing Story

by Rachel Maietta & Sivanne Lieber | The Wholehearted Joyous Podcast

Originally Recorded: November 12, 2020

Today we get to hear from two incredibly brave parents, Christina and Zack, who had planned the natural birth of their dreams, when the unexpected happened. Everyone wants a safe birth. We all have our perfect birthing plans tucked into our bags waiting for the big day, but what about when that day comes sooner than expected? Christina and Zack were 31 weeks pregnant and suddenly they were facing what all parents fear: a premature birth that leads to a c section and then the dreaded nic-U. They moved forward with grace and instinct and we can learn from their remarkable story.