Are you ready to feel more empowered in your parenting?

whole hearted parenting coach
Whole Hearted Parenting Coach

Are you ready to understand and connect with your children more?

Are you ready to have your children respect boundaries?

Are you ready to shift struggle into opportunity?

Are you ready to have more peace in your family?

Are you ready to feel supported in your parenting?

You can have all of this and more without screaming, yelling, threatening, and bribing.

Rachel Maietta Parenting Coach

Join me on a 10 week parenting journey that will shift your family forever.

Parenting is hard; raising human beings with unique personalities is hard. There are so many opinions and even more judgment when it comes to parenting.

Discovering a personal parenting style that leaves everyone in the family feeling empowered and understood is essential to a peaceful home. Working one-on-one with a certified parenting coach is extremely beneficial and comforting because you can get help with your specific situation and not a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting

Reading parenting books and blogs are very helpful, but they do not always get you the results you want in your individual and unique family. And the same goes for watching videos.

Working with a parenting coach gives you the support, inspiration, and accountability you need to implement your parenting goals in a way that will show results. Because you are working personally with a parenting coach, you are able to fine tune and readjust your approach as needed.

Learning about parenting is one thing, but consistently implementing parenting philosophy and strategies is another.

As a parenting coach, I’m here to listen and understand your individual parenting struggles and successes. We’ll work on intentions and goals that personally fit your family. I’ll teach you strategies for long term, life-long connection and success. I’ll support you during this shift and encourage you to stay with it even when it gets difficult.

I have worked with children, adolescents, and parents for decades. During that time I also meditated and learned about ways to keep calm under stress and pressure. Even with these tools and experience, I struggled with the demands and pressures of being a mother. I come to you as a parenting coach with a lot of experience, but more so as a mother with a massive amount of empathy.

Rachel Maietta Parenting Coach

Here’s how it works:

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Click here for your free consultation. You will receive and email with times we can schedule a call. I’ll get an idea of your parenting struggles and successes. If I feel we would be a good match and I could help you reach your parenting goals……

We’ll start our 10 week parenting journey together!!!!!

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Next we would set up time for our weekly coaching call. This is a time for us to connect and talk specifically about your individual parenting needs. This can be done over the phone, video chat, or in person (if you are local). The idea is to make it accessible for you, because you are a parent!

You will then be sent an access code for my 10 week online parenting course.

The 10-week parenting course is broken down into 10 inspiring weekly themes. Each week has an audio recording you can download and listen to anywhere.

Each audio focuses on an important and accessible aspect of parenting. There are also PDFs for each week that help to summarize the theme or strategy of the week. Some weeks have worksheets to fill out with questions that help you focus on your personal vision for your family and how to implement the information in a practical way.

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As a bonus there are guided meditations for you to download and listen to anywhere.

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In addition to our weekly one-hour parent coaching calls, you can also contact me throughout the week via email with any questions or concerns.

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We will spend 10 weeks together exploring these important foundations and strategies of parenting to bring you life-long connection and respect in your family.

Week 1:

Setting Intentions and Envisioning Your Ideal Parenting

We will establish an understanding of empowerment parenting, and set the groundwork for our time together, as well as your personal vision of parenting. We will learn about the importance of setting intentions for you and your family.

Week 2:

Looking, Learning, Loving, and Letting Go

This week we will look at different styles of parenting including empowered parenting and power parenting. You will also reflect on the way you were parented. The intention is for you to connect with your past as a learning tool to consider how you are parenting your own children. 

Week 3:

Brain Science and Parenting

We will explore the basics of brain science and how we can use it to help us in our parenting. We will learn an amazing parenting strategy called the PEACE process. We will look at what parts of the brain are active at certain stages of development. We will also explore what is happening in the brain during a tantrum. We will learn about neuropathways and how they influence our beliefs about parenting.

Week 4:

Forgiveness and Gratitude

This week we will explore forgiveness in its many forms and how it can help increase your energy. We will also look at gratitude, its benefits, and how to integrate it into your family.

Week 5:

Empowered Conversations

This week we will explore ways to keep our core energy high for ourselves and our parenting. We will explore the importance of empowered conversations and how to have them with people in our lives of all ages.

Week 6:

Embracing Imperfection

This week we will explore the ideas of showing up even when it is hard, leaving room for your highest self, letting go of the idea of perfection, and also creating community.

Week 7:

Establishing Boundaries According to Family Values

This week we will explore the benefits of boundaries, how to connect your boundaries to your values, how to establish and hold a boundary.

Week 8:

The Upside of Anger

This week we will explore anger, why it shows up in our life and how we can use it to our advantage.

Week 9:

Playful Parenting

This week we’ll look at the importance of play and being silly, both for you as the parent and for your children. We will explore how play can be used to foster a sense of connection, as well as to guide our children to express their feelings. We will even consider how we can use play to help encourage our children to embrace boundaries.

Week 10:

Putting it all together

This week we will review your personal intentions, reflect on your parenting journey, and ensure your parenting goals are being met. We will set intentions for moving forward.

Rachel Maietta Parent Coach

I love working with parents!

Through our 10 weeks together (approximately 70 days) together you will have:

Parenting Support

You are personally supported in your parenting journey by me through our weekly coaching calls and email support.

Parenting Support
Authentic Parenting Information

The audio recordings and downloads are filled with authentic parenting information that will leave you and your family feeling empowered and supported.

Parenting Support
Calming Tools

The meditations and audios are filled exercises that are meant for parents to give to themselves through self-care. You are important!

Parenting Support

This whole course is designed with parents in mind, by me, a parent. I understand the pressure of parenting and lack of free time. You can fit this massive parenting shift into your everyday life. 

Parenting Support

It is very important for a parent to feel connected, understood, and heard. You will find that in this course.

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