Parent Coaching

Rachel Maietta, certified parent coach, is here to assist you in finding clarity and confidence in your parenting.


Go on a personal 10-week journey into your parenting and come out with tools to support a life-long connection that will help bring joy, peace, respect, and playfulness to your family relationships.

Parent Coaching may be beneficial for your family if you are feeling any of the following:

  • A longing for deep connection and peace in your familyA desire to be playful and fun, rather than constantly disciplining
  • Overwhelmed with all of the opinions and options of parenting
  • Stuck about how to guide your children
  • Frustrated because the only way to get your children to listen is to yell, threaten, or bribe
  • Not sure if you are being too strict or too permissive
  • Confused about the right way to parent; you are doing your best but something feels off
  • Tired of repeating the same things over and over to your children
  • Anger and frustration with parenting and family relationships


Parent coaching may result in:

  • Children that engage out of love and respect instead of fear
  • A deep connection with yourself and your family
  • Increased peace 
  • Parenting with less struggle
  • Fun and playful parenting

The Details

Your 10-week journey into parenting will include the following:

  • An introduction call where we get to know each other and I can understand what you are struggling with as a parent, what is working, and what you would like to improve.
  • Weekly 1-hour personal coaching session, which we can do over the phone, on a user-friendly video chat (zoom), or in person.
  • Weekly themes you can access when you login into my website, which will help guide our sessions together to maximize time.
  • Weekly audio that will help guide you with intentions and strategies to practice.
  • Homework to help you integrate what we are working on into your life. Sometimes it will be a worksheet or a small document to read.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Email contact throughout the week.
  • Additional practical advice if requested.

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Rachel Maietta Parenting Coach

A Little

About Me:

My name is Rachel Maietta, I am a mother of two beautiful and unique children as well as a certified parent coach. My children have helped me to expand my heart to depths of love I never knew possible, and they have helped me learn I have limits and need boundaries! Parenthood has been the most serendipitous and challenging adventure yet. I love to learn about and support families. It’s a joy to see all the uniqueness of a family and how they come together whether through birth, adoption, blending, or a combination of the three.